Oodgeroo Nunuccal Analysis

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Oodgeroo Nunuccal (Kath Walker) Oodgeroo Nunuccal, formerly Kath Walker was a poet, political activist artist and an educator best known for her poetry and her campaigning for aboriginal rights. Oodgeroo was born as Kathleen Jean Mary Ruska in Stradbroke Island in Moreton Bay (east of Brisbane and the traditional land of the Nunuccal tribe) on the 3rd of November 1920 and died on the 16th September 1993. At the young age of 13 Oodgeroo left school and began to work as a domestic servant in Brisbane and during World War II she signed up for the Australian Women’s Army Service to help her brothers Eddie and Eric who were captured as prisoners of war in Singapore. She worked as a communications officer in Brisbane where she performed such

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