Oochigeaskw: The Native American Version Of Disney's Cinderella

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Few forms of literature have the broad and lasting appeal of the fairy tale. Perhaps you grew up listening to such stories. You are not alone. Children of many generations and cultures across the globe grow up listening to variations of the same stories. Scholars debate the reasons for such striking similarities between stories in such a variety of cultures and try to ascertain the possible meanings behind these seemingly simple children's tales. Using "Cinderella" as an example, this chapter explores variations of a tale and the diverse ways of examining them. First, in "Universality of the Folktale," Stith Thompson raises the broad questions and the underlying assumptions that govern the folklorist's study of tales. He claims that folktales should be objects of study as well as entertainment. Although there are many variations of the "Cinderella" theme, there are many common bonds that tie the…show more content…
"Walt Disney's 'Cinderella,'" adapted by Campbell Grant, is the Little Golden Book adaptation of the Disney film. "Cinderella," by Anne Sexton, is a poetic retelling of the "Cinderella" tale that exposes the artificiality of the fairy tale. The last version, written in 1976, is John Gardner's "Gudgekin the Thistle Girl." After the variants, in "'Cinderella': A Story of Sibling Rivalry and Oedipal Conflicts," Freudian psychologist Bruno Bettelheim analyzes "Cinderella's" hidden meanings and asserts that the tale appeals to children because it focuses on the sibling rivalry many children feel at a young age. A Jungian analyst, Jacqueline Schectman, examines the tale to find a sympathetic Stepmother in "'Cinderella' and the Loss of Father-Love." The chapter concludes with "Cinderella's Stepsisters" by Toni Morrison, which focuses on the evil women inflict on each other and appeals to women not to treat each other with enmity but to nurture each

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