Ontology Essay

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Assignment 1 | Cos4840 | Unique Number: 521604 | | Student ID: 43572774 Ricky Nhlanhla Dlamini Table of Content Page Question 1 2-3 Question 2 4-6 Question 3 7-8 References (Combined references) 9-10 QUESTION1 Ontologies are very important in the semantic web. Getting a clear definition of what is it is very important. In this question I will discuss the definition of Gruber (1993). Gruber (1993) defines ontology as “an explicit specification of a conceptualisation”. This definition has become the benchmark for many researchers because their definitions of ontologies stem from it. The term conceptualisation is a nonconcrete, simplified view of the world that we wish to represent for some purpose (Guarino, Oberle and Staab, 2009). (Gaševic, Djuric, & Devedžic, 2009) assert that every conceptualisation is based on the concepts, objects, and other entities that are assumed to exist in an area of interest, and the associations that exits among them. On the other hand, the term “world” means some phenomenon in the world, or to some topic (or topics, or some subject area (Gasevic et al 2009). Conceptualisation is far reaching in an ontology because each body of formally represented is based on a conceptualisation (Guarino et al, 2009). “Every knowledge base, knowledge-base system, or knowledge level agent is committed to some conceptualisation, explicit or implicit” define Guarino et al (2009). Furthermore, Zhang (2008) states that “ conceptualization involves identifying the key concepts that exist in the domain, their properties and the relationships that hold between them; identifying natural language terms to refer to such concepts, relations and attributes; and structuring domain knowledge into explicit conceptual models. The other part of Gruber’s definition – specification- suggests a formal declarative
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