Only Time Will Tell Essay

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“Coach I’m ready to start practice” yelled Mercedes as she ran onto the court. Mercedes was a sophomore in highschool that just found out she made the varsity volleyball team. As she prepared for her first practice she was talking to her best friend Hunter about some 1. paeans she had heard the other day at church. Unlike Hunter the other girls on the team were so 2. minatory because she was the best. “Don’t 3. stymie her when she is trying to help us run drills” said Hunter No one knew how 4. pristine her personality was because they never tried to get to know her. Everyone 5. chastened so they could be as good as her. Hunter and Mercedes have been friends since the fourth grade. Mercedes is the kind of girl that would love to be anyones friend but if you got to attached she was 6. spelentic. Hunter and Mercedes were the only sophomores on varsity and Mercedes was captain. They were the best of the best and not 7. deriative at all. Neither of the girls were 8. supercilious they just loved the sport of volleyball. Even though no many people tried to get to know Mercedes she was 9. endemic to the team. It was the next day at school and Mercedes noticed how 10. sundry this school was compared to her old one. There was this one girl that Hunter didn’t get along with. Her name was Mikeala and Hunter was always talking about how all that girl did was 11. flout the things she had. Mercedes never really noticed that though so she decided to go and talk to Mikaela anyway. She didn’t believe what other people told her about Mikaela so to 12. edify from all of it she decided to be her friend. Mercedes had long talks with Mikaela and told her she had to get a better 13. detraction or she wouldn’t survive highschool. Right now people described Mikaela as Satan the 14. epitome of hate and lies. Mikaela talked about how she felt like she had no support with the decisions

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