Only Through Mistakes Can There Be Discovery Or Progress

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Throughout history, there seem to have been numerous instances where mistakes led to significant discoveries. some even go on to say that mistakes are the only way of achieving progress. while I partially agree with the statement based on certain historical incidents, to say that discovery or progress is achieved solely through mistakes would be a gross exaggeration as many progresses are brought about not by mistakes, but by knowledge and determination. Granted, mistakes can present important clues to solving a problem or leading to great discoveries that may have been inconceivable on one's own. this is because accidental mistakes can lead one to think outside the box instead of staying trapped by the self-imposed limitations. For example, the discovery of one of the America's favorite drinks, Coca-cola, was made by a pharmacist who intended to concoct a medicinal syrup to treat fatigue and sore teeth in the nineteenth century but ended up making a mistake with his ingredients and created cola instead. another example of a significant discovery in the field of medicine made by mistake involves a medicinal researcher named Wilson Greatbatch, while working on an irregular heartbeat recording device, he mistakenly inserted a resistor of the wrong size and found that the circuit pulsed like a human heart, which led to the invention of a pacemaker, a device that has been saving millions of lives. like this, mistakes indeed contribute to making innovative discoveries when it comes to scientific inventions. in addition, correcting and learning from past mistakes allows the humanity to make further progress. the past provides a gateway for us through which we can examine our system and make changes accordingly for a better future. using slaves to cultivate cotton and treating them inhumanely may be a shameful past of the United States and clearly, a huge
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