Only The Strong Survive Essay

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Only The Strong Survive You know the old saying “only the strong survive”? Is that a heartless statement or just a bold fact? Throughout the world numerous people are dying due to unsanitary living conditions, lack of food, and diseases. Poverty has been around since the start of time. For the longest time countries have tried several different ways to extinguish poverty from their land and none have succeeded. Based on this track record I am lead to believe that, seeing as poverty has been around since the start of man, it will remain until the end of man, no matter how much effort we put into solving the problem. Poverty itself is one of the world’s top societal problems, and one of the only ones that does not have a solid solution. About 25,000 people die each day due to poverty related reasons. If poverty were to end completely, all those people would live. That roughly leaves eight million more people alive each year that would have died due to poverty. Sounds great, right? False, with those eight million survivors a year, the world would become overpopulated, very quickly. Food is in short supply around the globe right now; just imagine if there were eight million more mouths to feed. This immense overpopulation would cause the problem of poverty to rise again. “It’s the survival of the fittest” and “It’s every man for himself”. You may think that these are just cliché phrases, but in all reality some people are more fit than others, and when it comes down to it a person will leave someone in the dust just to get ahead. Secondly, it seems like the only way we can think of to end poverty is just by using our money. Everyone thinks that if they had money they would be able to get out of poverty. However, that is not the case. For years, countries have just tried to throw money at the problem to fix poverty, but it never works. When

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