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Cisneros was the only daughter in six boy’s families. She wanted her father approval, and that he can see how a successful writer she became. By her being the only daughter, her father believed that she can go to college to meet a man and get married. It was an advantage for Cisneros because she can have a career. But her father felt it was a waist of education, because she was unmarried and decided to major in English, becoming a writer. I am the youngest child in my family. I have two older brothers who are now married and got their own lives. I’m the only one left. During my childhood my parents wanted the best for all of us, but after my brothers moved, they wanted me to first Finish College then decide to do whatever I want in my life. In a way I can compare myself with Cisneros is that she wanted her father approval and to recognize her as a successful writer. I want to prove my parents that I can make it in life. The good thing is that they believe I can get far with my education. They always supported me and thought me good. I always like music, and my father wanted me to focus in becoming a producer or musician, I also wanted to do music but I felt that it is a hard field to focus because some people can make it far, and some cant. It all depends how things goes. My father always told me, if I want to make it in life, I have to graduate and either go to college to get a career or just work like everyone does. I wanted to start a business in my music production, but my father wasn’t agreeing with what I wanted to do. Although he supported me, he thought that it will be harder for me to become a business men and that it was better for me to study something else. Cisneros made it through her education and became a good writer. After her father approved her because he read her book translated in Spanish. The book her father read was about

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