Online Versus Traditionla Learning Essay

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College courses online versus traditional school, which is best? "Online degree programs are available to help students with busy lives earn their degree without being committed to a schedule or having to attend a campus”. These programs are very inexpensive and convenient. But, will only benefit you the same as attending traditional classes if you are responsible, driven and motivated.” Although each one of these learning platforms has their own benefits there are still some pros and cons that need to be considered as well. The recent growth of online college programs that are available make it more difficult for students to make a choice. You will need to spend a lot of time doing research based on what you plan to study. Although online courses have the same curriculum features as traditional education, the method of delivery varies. Regardless of how the classwork is presented, campus-based and online classes provide the same education fundamentals that you will need to get a solid education. There are benefits to learning online versus the method of traditional schools. Many of us have families and jobs that we need to manage and we don’t have the luxury of attending classes on campus. The online classes are very flexible and you have the ability to work create your own schedule, but this also depends on your commitment and dedication. You can set your own pace and decide when you are ready to move onto the next course or assignment. This comes with the willingness to be responsible and manage your classwork and assignments in a reasonable amount of time. There are websites and resources available such as educational materials, videos, and audio books, and they are usually available for download.. These online schools offer technology-based delivery tools and the instructors use online tools to post lectures, assignment reviews, and discussion

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