Online Verses Traditional Education

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Online Education Is the Future John Padgett Comm/155 June 17,2012 Jill Klubek Online education is the future of educating our students in the 21st century. Receiving an education online gives the student the ability to attend any school, interact with their teachers and students at anytime, and gives them the flexibility to study whenever they can around their daily lives. The benefit of online education is both faculty and students will both have time and place independent access. Online education gives the student the ability to attend any school and interact with faculty and students any time of the day. Students who have demanding work schedules can attend class when their schedule allows without sacrificing deadlines at the office. Students who have children can attend class while their kids are at soccer practice or once they put their kids to bed at night. Students with handicaps can take classes without special arrangements for travel or in the classroom. A major benefit for professors is that an online environment is time-independent and place-independent. Online education provides convenience and flexibility for professors as well as students. Traditional classrooms give the professors the ability to read the body language of their students. Online students use e-mails, which are written words that can be stored and forwarded, it has the possibility to haunt the professors and affect a teachers position or tenure. When the professor or teacher loses the ability to connect with the student physically and sometimes emotionally by reading the students body language, they lose that personal touch of teaching their students. Online education gives the student the ability to attend any school all over the country. Many universities are now offering degree programs online for students that may not be able to

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