Online Shopping In Vietnam Essay

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Online Shopping in Vietnam – Why Still Underdeveloped? Along with the increasing number of internet users worldwide, electronic commerce has experienced an international development due to a great deal of advantages it brought to its customers. They are home shopping, easy and flexible to access wherever and whenever you want, the variety of goods exposing, reviewing and price comparing, just to name a few. Internet purchase is now the tendency of the modern world. In Vietnam, according to the Yahoo’s Net Index 2011 published this Aug 3, Internet has become the most popular media with 42% of users compared to radio of 23% and newspaper 40% (Khanh Linh ). As a result, many people believe that with that popularity, online shopping in Vietnam have to be in full blossom. However, the statistics from the source mentioned above proves the contrary when only 18 % of users admit to have an online transaction within the last 12 months, 61% affirm that they do not intend to purchase anything in the next year and 39% claim that they “may buy something online” (“Online purchase habit not high enough”). It is said that e-commerce is still something unpopular or underdeveloped in Vietnam because of the shopping habits of Vietnamese consumers, the delivery process and extra shipping fee, personal information safety in payment as well as the vague quality of online goods. The conventional shopping habits of Vietnamese including trying products, purchasing in familiar store and using cash in payment are the first factors halting the development of internet trading in our country. Home shopping through internet, on the one hand, may allow people to save time, money and transportation costs or avoid crowded streets and shopping malls. It, on the other hand, also takes away from us the chance of seeing, tasting, touching, trying the products and consulting or bargaining with

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