Online Shopping Essay

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Atrice Toney C. Gregory English 1101 18 March 2013 Why People Shop Online The majority of people who own or has access to a computer have purchased, at least once, something one the internet. Not only have the World Wide Web become just a place to retrieve needed information, but it has also became a cybernetic shopping mall for people all over the world. Consumers everywhere have embraced the convenience, vast varieties, and fewer expenses within online shopping. Theses few factors had resulted in the increased growth of consumer buying power on the internet. Consumers shop online because of convenience, which seems to out weights several aspects of the virtual shopping experience. In contrast to mortar and brick stores which has restricted hours, online consumers have the convenience to shop on the web at any given time of the day. Its perfect for mothers who have young children, individuals who are disable, or simply for those who wish to stay in the comforts of their own home. Some things are better done behind closed doors. Therefore, shopping online let you purchases discreetly item like reveling lingerie, adult paraphernalia, and so forth. Customers also welcome the fact that there are no dealings with wasting gas, being in large crowds of people, and not having to queue in stores. As a result, people tend to sway more towards what is beneficial to their life style. In the mid to late 1990’s, shopping online was unstimulating because it was new and people were skeptical, but mainly due to the lack of variety of online stores. Luckily times have changed drastically. At traditional stores there is limited shelf space, hence the varieties of merchandise is also limited. But with shopping on the World Wide Web consumers can select numerous products and brands from many different sellers in one area. Online stores also offer great varieties of sizes and
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