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Study on the Influencing Factors of Online Shopping Na Wang 1,2, Dongchang Liu 1, Jun Cheng 2 1Department of business, Jilin University 2Changchun University of Science and Technology Abstract With the rapid development of network technology, electronic commerce and e-marketing had been formed and developed gradually. The number of Internet users was increasing and wound soon overtake the United States as the world's second-largest national Internet users. however the Chinese Internet users who were rarely engaged in online shopping which made the online retail was far from attaining its rightful amount. This study based on the research result of influencing factors of consumer behavior made by domestic and foreign scholars , analyzed and comprised consumer behavior under the condition of tradition and Internet, then putted forward the influencing factors and restrictive factors of online shopping in china. competitiveness. Among ranked the world's top 500 companies, 95 percent companies established their own website, 30 percent companies conducted online commercial activities through their website. According of China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), up to June 30,2007, the number of Chinese Internet user had reached 1.62 billion which after the United States’ 2.11 billion as the world's second-largest national Internet users. According past the CNNIC report there were about 30 percent people who had the experience of online shopping, now a sudden increase of 10 percent points to 40.7 percent which meant the users of online shopping was more than 6500 million people. This was a good foundation for the masses base to develop online shopping in China. But online retail was far from attaining its rightful amount. Comprised with traditional retail, online retail was also very small proportion of the total sales, Internet users were prefers browsing than

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