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Online Services Online services are amongst the biggest industries on the internet because they have the potential to help and aid people every day both as educational and recreational. People all over the world use the internet’s online services every day. Within Online services there are many different categories I will explain in detail five of these categories and their sub categories. They are as follows eCommerce, Communication, Education and Real Time information. eCommerce – Online Shopping eCommerce is buying and selling over the internet however it also includes banking. This industry targets all age groups because it is so diverse. eCommerce is probably one of the most diverse and ever-changing online service. In the last 10 years online shopping has become very popular as our lives have become very busy leaving us with less time to spend indulging our self’s shopping. So the busier our schedules become the more popular eCommerce becomes. Online shopping is a very useful and convenient way of shopping for people who don’t have time to shop. It is a quick and easy way to shop and browse because all items are in the shop whereas in some shops on the high street they may not have the product you want to buy so they have to check stock in their other shops. You can browse for as long as you like whereas in a shop you have a certain time to browse most shops close at 5 and some don’t even open on a Sunday shopping online eradicates this problem. A problem with online shopping is you have to wait for delivery as opposed to going to the shop and picking up what you want and sometimes even pay for the service this is a drawback however you still have to pay petrol money or bus money to get it from the shop. Ben Sherman Ben Sherman is a British Menswear brand founded in Brighton in 1963. It is a clothing brand that designs suits, shirts and all sorts of

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