Online Schooling vs Traditional Classrooms

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Online Schooling Versus Traditional Classrooms Aneshia Y. Glover English 121 Instructor Jason Romero May 7, 2012 Online Schooling Versus Traditional Classrooms When returning to school, people often which is better: online schools or traditional on-campus schools. Each person is different so we can not take another’s experience and relate it to our own as there are too many different circumstances. We have to take into account our family life, work, and accessibility to the school before making any rash decisions along with a number of other options. Furthering your education is a serious matter and everything going on in your life or what could happen should be a part of the choice. Not only that, but we all have different types of learning styles and to be able to gain as much of our education as possible we must think about which will have a negative impact on this. Both scenarios offer the same outcome, but there are positives and negatives to each choice. Attending a traditional classroom gives you the chance to have a face to face interaction with other students. This is how study groups, friendships, and a teacher to student relationship is formed. You must have some interaction with your fellow classmates and teachers in case you need help, have questions, or just do not understand the topic you can just ask. First-hand interaction decreases any type of language barrier or misunderstandings and it can be communicated in the most effective and efficient manner. Being in a traditional classroom means that you actually have to attend. You have specific dates and times that you must show up to that class in order to keep your attendance and grades up. This can also be considered a negative issue. Traditional classes are not flexible. Not showing up for class can make you miss out on some vital information that
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