Online Privacy Essay

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Every day millions of people sit down in front of a computer and open their life up for everyone to see. One out of fourteen people on earth are on Facebook and the average user logs on for 55 minutes a day. ( Some people think about privacy concerns, but until it hits home they don’t really care about it. Everyone should be aware of privacy settings on social media sites, more importantly, our youths are the most naive ones that we need to be concerned with. In today’s world everything is done online and everyone is involved with social networking site in some way. A Pew Research Center revealed a major change since 2006 in users. Americans between the ages of 12-17 that used social networking services increased from 55% in 2006 to 73% in 2010 (Weeden, Cooke, and McVey, 2013). Almost anything can be found on anyone nowadays because of the “web”. Every time you click on an advertising site or order from your favorite store your information is stored. Our children are to most at risk because of most cereal boxes, games, and toys are always advertising and enticing them to “Like” them on Facebook. Some parents might not mind it, but some don’t understand the repercussions if not monitored or safeguarding their personal information is. When we get an email or message from some random person trying to sell you something or “spam” we just delete it. Think about what your child is doing when they received these unwanted messages. How private are we online? Many consumers worry about their personal identifiable information (PII) and its privacy and businesses should be very clear about what happens to the data. Since the Children's Online Privacy Act (COPA) was implemented in 1998, there have not been any new federal developments to help protect underage SNS users (Weeden, Cooke, & McVey, 2013). Collection of personal

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