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People consider themselves very lucky to be living in the 21st century. Man has excelled in different fields but his major achievements were in sciences generally and in medicine particularly. A major breakthrough in medicine is organ transplanting. With organ transplant, man is able to be healthier and therefore to live longer. Organ transplanting is very popular at present. There are dozens of online organizations that are in charge of providing donors and recipients with their demands, making the process accessible by all kinds of people everywhere in the world. However, new problems have emerged from online organ trade. The whole issue has become more like a business rather than a humanitarian act. The question that follows then is: should we keep it available to all kinds of people everywhere in the world with a little restriction, or should we prohibit it once and for all? According to Jaymalin, people nowadays can work on the internet not only to check what cars they can find on the Ebay website, but also to check where they can find sale advertisements for a kidney or a cornea (2008). Since anyone can buy anything on the internet, from toys to cars to human organs, certain restrictions should be set on serious matters such as online organ trade. Some people however, believe that online organ trade is a very critical issue and therefore should not only have certain restrictions but be prohibited. What is online organ trade, and why should it be prohibited? Online organ trading is the selling and purchasing of a body organ on the internet. It involves therefore 2 parties: the donors and the recipients. Both donors and recipients register their names on the online lists, the former for selling their organs and the latter for buying these organs to replace either damaged or absent organs they already have. Organ transplant includes hearts, kidneys, lungs,

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