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Online or Traditional Classes Essay

  • Submitted by: Chalon
  • on April 21, 2009
  • Category: English
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Online or Traditional Classes
Chalon Parker
English 121:GSC0912J
Jacqueline Ryan-Rojas
April 17, 2009

Online or Traditional Learning
Which one could possibly be better? Does it depend on the person? Who knows, however, I will compare and contrast the two so anyone trying to figure it out can decide for themselves. I plan to go over the benefits and repercussions of both. I will also cover things one should consider with each and how each course is delivered to the students. I will compare and contrast the two in such a way that any student debating with their inner selves on which to choose should find it fairly easy to so with the snap of a finger (or should I say the turn of the page).
Things a prospective student should keep in mind when considering online courses is the time needed to sit at the computer to study, the project/assignment deadlines, and technical requirements. Students that take online classes generally have to do everything pertaining to school online. This includes going to orientation online, filing loan and grant documents and of course sitting in front of the computer to write papers and read. Someone can spend so much time at the computer studying sometimes it can feel like a full time job. It can be extremely time consuming. While eliminating the need to have to travel to school, the time is definitely made up for that during reading assignments and answering questions online. Traffic is nothing to worry about either; however, the time is not necessarily free, if one is smart, the time will certainly go towards research and assignments. Even though the student mostly gets to set the times that schoolwork is done on their own, it is wise to set aside lots and lots of time to do so. One thing that I, personally, do not like about traditional classes is that you are under such pressure with attendance and structure in the classroom. In online classes there is no worry about appearance (of any kind) and students...

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