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Online materials: ideas and problems Nowadays, the importance of the online world is growing faster and faster. We use more and more materials day by day. These materials can ease the work of teachers, and reduce their preparation time. It is very easy to find great materials on the internet. There are billions of videos and audio clips which we can use in our classes. More interactive a class is the more interested the students are. However, it is not so easy to find out how reliable a video or audio clip is. If we are not sure about it, we have to make some research for background information about the given topic. I have already used these types of materials in my classes in the practice school; both videos and audios. I was always careful about their reliability. I used videos only from well-known TV channels, or radio stations. If I did not know anything the topic, I did some reading on it before choosing materials. If you are well-prepared in the topic, you can choose the best reliable materials. An other problem with these materials is the poor internet connection in many schools. Without good connection, it is impossible or may be confusing for students to watch a video or listening to an audio clip. However, there is a great solution: downloading these materials at home! There are several great online sites for this case, especially for Youtube videos; for example, where you can download youtube videos for free, online, you can choose the format of the video, and you can cut it if it is necessary. I always use it, because it is never sure there is good internet connection in the school. The lack of planned materials can make chaos in my mind. Finally, another problem which occurs many times, is the problem of timing. A some minutes long video seems not being a problem; if the video is too long, you can cut it with

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