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I. Executive Summary AStarr Electrical is a new electrical services business based in the south suburbs of Chicago. AStarr specializes in residential and remodeling services. The Company has no official brick and mortar location, and is instead run out of the residence of its owner. Currently, AStarr’s range of services offered includes both small jobs like moving or replacing electrical switches, and large projects like rewiring entire rooms/homes. The company also installs residential generators and offers advice and information about weatherization and energy efficiency. Since The Company was established in early 2012, it has experienced lackluster sales and almost non-existent growth. This is largely due to the lack of a strong and viable marketing plan that would create brand recognition and begin to build a solid customer base. In the age of ubiquitous mobile phones, tablets and “e-everything”, the prudent solution is to grow the business by developing a strong online presence. AStarr Electrical services is dedicated to providing affordable, quality electrical services to residents of the southwestern suburbs of Chicago. The company has roots in the area, and boasts over ten years of electrical experience. AStarr offers hands-on, personal service and prides itself as a family-owned business. In the current economic climate, the company hopes to capitalize on the need for quality low-cost service and emerge as a leader in the market. To facilitate the desired growth, AStarr will pursue an online expansion strategy that will enable the company to reach the target market effectively and expand the business through word of mouth referrals and the development of a loyal customer base. A1 – Viability of Product or Service Currently, AStarr develops business through word of mouth referrals and sporadic listings on To date, this

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