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Online Marketing Essay

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“Online marketing refers to a set of powerful tools and methodologies used for promoting products and services through the Internet”. This is a simple and clear definition of the online marketing concept. Nowadays we are living in an online world, everything we want we can find it on the Internet: clothes, technology, shoes, houses, music, jewellery… But, how can we find all these products and what’s most important, how can we find the product that we want or that we are looking for?

Companies try to do their best to reach as much consumers as possible, and we all know that through Internet companies can reach almost 1/3 of the world population. The key point is how to be more visible or more reachable than other companies in order to sell more products. Online marketing methods are the answer and the solution for these problems. By using them correctly a company can move from being nothing to being a well-known and recognized company, fact that will implies a direct increase on their sales. So as we can deduce, online marketing methods are fundamental for Internet established companies.

There are many online marketing methods and all of them can perfectly adapt to your needs, your objectives, your target… Depending on the use of the Internet you can transmit many different images of your company: high-quality, low price, exclusivity, mass focused…, so as we can see, online marketing not only helps the company to increase its sales but also helps the company to be positioned as it’s desired.

As we all know, social networks and search engine optimization are one of the most used techniques what there are a lot of other techniques as useful as the previous mentioned.

Email marketing is one of the options that nowadays is considered as one of the most effective online marketing tactic. Emails sent to a current customer or to potential customers can be considered marketing emails since the objective of the action is to...

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