Online Grocery Shopping

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Behaviors Involved in Online Grocery Shopping E-commerce has made life simple and innovative of individuals and groups. Price, time saving and convenience were identified as important factors which lead to certain buying behavior in online shopping. Consumer behavior of every individual is different from other depending on buying choices which is influenced by buying habits and choices that are turn tampered by psychological and social drivers that affect purchase decision process. Internet makes life simple and innovative. People are doing business online and trade has become more easy and fast due to this. Internet provides new ways to promote business. Online consumers are always seeking new products, new attractiveness and the most important thing being price compatibility with their budget. The Consumer behavior in electronics environment is critical as compared to physical world and crucial understanding can be examined if the factors that affect the purchase decisions are ignored and unambiguous. Online consumers fear the opportunity to physically examine the product which is specifically regarded as influential factor in purchase decision. Therefore, consumer behavioral pattern in online shopping can be fundamentally different from traditional environment. Consumer behavior in online shopping and in traditional shopping is very different. In online shopping he has access to see the product. Both include social, cultural, personal and psychology etc. factors but traditional shopping is much more influenced by these factors as compared to online shopping. The reason is that online consumers are restricting with social cultural environment and psychological factors. Online shopping basically based on individual thinking point of view and his personal perceptions. Online shopping makes its own character for its development. I think that key word in
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