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Online education vs. Traditional education Studies show that in 2010, 6.2 million students were enrolled in online education courses and the numbers continue to increase (Jeff Goldman, 2011). Many students choose to go to school online because of the flexibility, the learning environment, and the quick feedback from the instructor. On the other hand traditional education students have a set schedule, one-on-one time isn’t effective, and the classrooms are sometimes crammed. Online education gives the students time to do their work at a steady pace and helps the student to get work done during the day. In a traditional classroom setting, the students have a time when they must be in class, and they might have to go to work. Trying to juggle work and sitting in a classroom and doing homework is very hard that’s why many students choose to go to school online. Online education provides enough time to submit assignments. Instructors allow the students ample enough time to submit their assignments throughout the week. Students also have enough time to read the materials before the class starts. If students have any questions about the assignments they can e-mail the instructor through the school website and instructor also gives the students a number where they can be reached. In a traditional classroom the students might attend class two days a week and if the student have questions about their homework it will be hard for the instructor to help the student because the instructor might be rushing to get ready for the next class, and the student might be in a hurry to go to work or their next class. The instructors in a classroom setting also have office hours, e-mail address if the student needs to reach him/her for any questions, and they also can be reached by phone about their assignments. Sometimes the instructor might not be available

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