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The advance of technology has changed our lives in many aspects. One particular aspect would be online education. Online education took off due to the tremendous boost of communication. It open new horizons for driven students who would like to achieve their education. The advantages have influenced students to take on the challenge of online education. Despite that, there are disadvantages following online education as well. The advantages are many and the disadvantages will become fewer as more universities and organizations jump on the bandwagon. Many factors of online education attracted an abundance of students. Flexibility is a valuable feature that allows busy students to pursue an education in a time that is best fitting for one's life. Online education saves time and effort for both students and universities. With online education, it is simple for students with disabilities. For a disabled student, they can finally feel comfortable while learning, and it's not a hassle for the student to transport to a specific area at a specific time. Disabled students do not have to worry about getting to class on time, or risk getting made fun of. Another perk to online education is the cost. Online tuition is usually a lot cheaper to begin with; however, students are saving costs by not having to travel to school, buy textbooks, pay for living expenses, and pay for extra university fees. By completing your courses online, a student would not have to risk getting hurt in a car accident, or wasting gas by traveling every day to get your education. Also a students are exempt from health fees, athletic fees, and parking costs. Asynchronous learning is a big part of an online education. The word, asynchronous, means moving through classes at different speeds. Students can choose when to do their work basically whenever they want. Students with a job or other

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