Online Dispute Resolution Essay

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ONLINE DISPUTE RESOLUTION Online dispute resolution in a broad interpretation is the use of the internet and I.T to help resolve disputes that may either have arisen on the internet world or the other day to day disputes. Online dispute resolution can be broadly categorised into two systems that is those involving a human neutral and the fully automated system. The fully automated system which is also referred to as online settlement entails the use of an expert system to automatically settle financial claims. Under this, parties in dispute submit their offers and demands and then if within a workable range the system gives a median amount to be paid to the aggrieved party. The parties as they submit their demands and offers the system does not reveal the figures so that if the two are so far apart the parties can still negotiate without prejudice as none knew the amount demanded or offered. Unlike the technology assisted solutions or those systems the though online still involve a human neutral, this system relies wholly on machinery and algorithms already set up. Here in Kenya, this kind of dispute resolution is not well developed because in as much as there are faults in the existing dispute resolution systems not so many people are willing to entrust applications and websites to settle their claim. Secondly is that this kind of dispute resolution mainly arises from internet disputes. In as much as the use if internet is spreading fast in Kenya and online transactions are slowly being accepted still there is no set up systems to resolve disputes arising from such transactions. An example would be to compare the use of websites in which buyers and sellers meet the use of such in Kenya versus in developed countries such as the United States of America. An example of such sites would be eBay for America and OLX for Kenya. eBay has set up clear guidelines to guide

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