Online Consumerism Essay

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Exploring online consumer motivation Dashua Murphy Liberty University Online Exploring online consumer motivation The internet’s introduction and accessibility to the public over twenty years ago has exploded into popularity unlike few things have done before. Due to the introduction of the World Wide Web the interest in the value of commerce and individuals has been growing. The internet offers many motivations for online shopping. The ability to compare prices, locate and compare products and shop in the privacy of your own home has greatly increased consumer motivation and behaviors associated with online shopping. The internet has also sparked the emergence of consumer-to-consumer e-commerce (Jeon, Crutsinger, & Kim, 2008). This emergence has given birth to online auctions which has become another avenue for online consumer motivation. There are also four consumer concerns that can affect online purchasing behaviors as well as compulsive buying motivators that can greatly change the way consumers shop online. This paper will help to explain the motivations, both positive and negative, behind online consumerism. Positive and negative motivations of online consumerism. There are many variables to consider when outlining behaviors of Internet consumerism. Online consumer behavior is affected by three main things: online shopping motivations, attitude towards the internet, and online information search and purchase intention (Vazquez & Xu, 2009). Price and the time an individual saves by shopping online have a very positive impact on online purchase behavior. If a person has a positive attitude toward navigating the internet and searching for information it can play a significant factor in that individuals purchase intentions. Also online consumers feel more in control when they can search with relative ease to find prices and special offers.
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