Online Advertising Through Facebook Essay

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One of the social networking sites that garnered 350 millions of followers, most renowned site worldwide, and every one links every single hour, the most wanted site to every people and even little child knows how to use it because it is not difficult to use the site is what we called Facebook. Are you an avid admirer of Facebook site? How many times in a single day do you check your Facebook account? Maybe, whole day you keep on checking, photograph’s uploading, tagging picture, converse with friends, watch videos, posting comments to your friend’s photos; what else you will always do every day facing your Facebook account? There many options you will normally do while you are in front of your computer. Facebook is admired around the world. No one escapes Facebook. Even a student in a primary level of school has already an account in Facebook. Even a guiltless child has Facebook account with the courtesy of their parents who made their account. No one dislikes Facebook since this website will help you a lot in communicating millions of friends and your love ones abroad and it will make you feel though your friends or relatives are far away, Facebook will make you sense that your friends or love ones are just in your side. It can cure feelings that usually being felt with families apart from love ones. ------------------------------------------------- On the other side, since Facebook has many followers; business man or business women target to have fan page in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. However, Facebook ranks number one, the popularity of which business corporations use to create company websites. Asking the reason why? Aside from many followers, there are great chances that their products will be recognized globally since there are many followers checking their account every day. Once your fan page will be familiar

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