One Touching Movie-Crash

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“Crash” is a wonderful movie that I saw recently at home. Overall, I think this is a very enjoyable movie, although violence and racism are evident. This movie took the Academy Award for Best Movie of 2005. this movie narrates several stories interwoven during two days in Los Angeles and a car crash. The emotional mood and music of this film are sad. For this movie, music gives a better explanation of content than language. In some scenes, there are background music instead of language. Music changes along with different scenes and motions. For example, when a young lady is driving, the music is really soft. Then the car collides with a truck suddenly and overturns. The lady is spinned by the safety belt. At this time, the scene is really urgent because the car is losing oil and it will explode soon. The situation does not permit any delay. The background music becomes intense and fast. Another one, when a black man shoots the wrong target – a girl is held by her father, the music stops and there is no any sound just the slow motion. In this phase, the silence gives me pureness and tranquility. It also reflects people’s inward fear and sadness. The movie has several character. They look like have nothing to do with each other, but actually they do. The major point of description is based on how the involved people perceive their jobs, friends, society, and philosophy. In this film, the black man always thinks all white people discriminate them. However, there are only part of them do. It is hard to avoid conflicts between two races. Characters have different jobs but they are all racist. They use a great deal of rude language when they are conflicting with each other. During two days, they did something wrong or some misunderstandings, though they didn’t realize that. Those incidents are dramatically connected together and then causes the crash. I like the
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