One-to-One Communications Essay

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One- To-One Communication: A one-to-one communication is when you talk to an individual; this interaction can be with anyone. For example, a friend, a teacher, colleague or a family member. One-to-one communication can be a good way of talking to someone about something and it helps people express themselves, for the interaction to work you will need to have turns to talk and listen to each other. If you’re having a one-to-one interaction with someone to support them you need to make sure that their comfortable around you or else it will be hard for them to speak or give the information you need to know. If you are able to make them comfortable or get information this shows that your communication skills are working and you’ll be ending the interaction in a supportive way. For example, I have a one-to-one interaction with my teacher when needs to give feed back about my work, when she does this she looks at me directly showing that eye contact is important because it helps you focus and tells when I’m listening to her or not. Group Communication: Group communication is when you to talk to a number of people about something and you can discuss something with everyone. For example, if you’re doing topic in a group then everyone can share and say what they think about it. Group communication is a good way of sharing responsibilities, hearing new ideas, making decisions and makes everyone feel involved. When having a group communication its best if you have someone leading because things can get out of hands and it will be hard to hear people. For example, if there’s a leader in the group he/she can tell when people can speak and everyone could have turns. Whereas if there was no leader it will be hard to hear ideas because everyone could be speaking at once and others may feel left out because they haven’t spoken and they should be involved. For example, when I have
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