One Student's Story

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One Student's Story I returned to my third semester quarter feeling prepared for school. I had my binder ready, every color of pen and highlighter imaginable to help me annotate in my two difficult courses I was going to face this semester which were Anatomy and Chemistry. Maybe about the second week of school I start having issues in my relationship with someone and things fell of track in my life from school to my self being. I stopped eating as much, cried numerous of times a week and all I wanted to do was sleep to take me out of the real world. All I needed was some time off this destructed relationship that for some reason it was hard to let go of and some time off school. I found myself in a deep hole when I caught myself doing homework an hour before the due time or taking test where I would score as if I took it blindfolded. I lost myself. Weeks and weeks I tried to set a mental plan to attempt to get on track but each week I lost focus. My second semester I left with a great GPA of a 3.4 and to be off course because of some meaningless guy was absurd. So I realized mid-semester that there was this guy who was in both my Chemistry and Anatomy class which was god sent. He and I became great friends and did many one on one studying. Though it was a bit hard to meet up at times it all worked out. Though still the studying between us did not reflect the grades I was earning. I knew what I was doing and I was not being honest with myself, I kept acting as a victim and also having a battle with my Inner critic and defender. During my study time with my friend it would take my mind off things but when I got home I would attempt to study but then go back to my ways and thought how this guy took a part of me and I could not have that any longer. Luckily I was also taking a Success 101 class which at first I found as a pointless course until one day a surprising

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