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NAME: QURRATU’AINI BINTI MOHD.RAMLY ID/MATRIC NUMBER: 1090146 CLASS: KJ3 1 MALAYSIA Generally, we are already known Malaysia is a multicultural society, with Malays, Chinese, and Indians are living side by side. The Malays are the largest community, numbering 60% of the population from others. Hence, our Prime Minister had made first-rate way to avoid other society resent with Malay people that from our history, Malay people always get best place in this country and have special opportunities to do anything but based on country’s rules too, in short word Malay people is a golden people in Malaysia. Consequently, we can avoid this humor by doing One Malaysia concept that unites all society under one roof, so it is fair to all society and avoid everyone leave behind in all aspects. One Malaysia concept also can guarantee the stability in order to achieve higher development for citizen in Malaysia. Basic for One Malaysia concept is the Justice Principle for all races. Factually, there are a few main aspects that involved in this concept. There are meritocracy, acceptance, act of receiving, spirited, tolerant, humble, integrity, education, excellent cultures and loyalty. We as Malaysian must do all of these aspects in our life sincerely so as to achieve our aspiration ‘WAWASAN 2020’ lucratively and make our country well-liked in the world. Concept of One Malaysia also can keep our country in stable and strong position, so what should we do? Off course we as Malaysian must combine forces each others to achieve it. Another concept is being fair for all society no bias in our country’s system especially for people, also to keep going build and develops our country effectively. Accordingly, firstly people must success in their life, accept each people whether their religions, traditions, and so on. So, our country will have

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