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A couple of years back, the night after my senior prom, my date and I, with a group of friends pulled a all night party and planned a trip to St. Louis to attend a concert series. Along the way we ran across many trials that along the way that seemed to steam roll as the night went along. This is the tale of how we drove to the concert series, and tried to make it home with little to no sense of direction, and learned that you should plan for the unsuspected. As the sun began to rise, so did the people that couldn’t make it through the night, which unfortunately for me, meant I had to be the designated male to stay up all night. First stop was to go to the local fueling station and acquire mass amounts of caffeine and energy drinks, while stopping for breakfast. So with a total of six cars we all began a journey which can only be described as the road trip from hell. We got no more than forty miles down the road and received a call from one of the vehicles that they needed to make a pit stop, so plans were made to stop at the next rest area. As we turn into the rest area, we find out that one of the cars had got a flat tire. One of the other cars had planned on taking the driver to the next town, to get the tire fixed. While the majority of us returned to the trip. We finally arrive at St. Louis to only be greeted by the morning rush hour and find ourselves in a traffic jam. By this time the energy drinks and mass amounts of coffee hit me like a freight train and I have such a rush, I can’t sit still. During the wait in traffic, when there was a complete stand still, our caravan had performed a total of three Chinese fire drills. So we all arrive at the pavilion and began to unpack and go to the front gate to enter the gate to get a seat on the lawn before the show began. As we try to enter, two people informed the party that they had left

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