One King, One Law, One Faith Essay

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“One King, One Law, One Faith.” Louis XIV declared his goal was “One king, one law, one faith.” As an absolutist ruler, Louis centered the country around himself, and was very successful in his goals. Louis glorified his position as the king, achieving the “One king”, limited the powers of others, achieving the “One law”, and united the French religion as one, achieving the “One faith.” During his reign, Louis XIV was very successful in accomplishing this central, powerful French monarchy. To achieve the idea of “One king” in France, Louis glorified himself as an absolute leader and performed wonders to to France’s civilization. In 1682, Louis relocated his palaces to Versailles, which was magnificent enough to be the home of a god. The size of the city and the beauty of the city amazed Europe, and they proclaimed his authority. Rituals also boasted Louis’ power. Everyday activities such as walking and what you dressed in required elaborate rituals whose precipitants competed for the honor of their task. These things also gave Louis the loyalty of his subjects and the attention of everyone. Louis also governed in a matter that did not require input from others; he governed is a way that he wanted to, limiting the power of the nobility and aristocracy. His efforts were not in vain, in fact people felt honored in Louis merely glanced at by him, or if they could merely walk beside him. Louis was able to achieve “One king” by exercising much control over his people which made him the center of everything in Europe. Louis XIV craved “One law”, which he was able to achieve by limiting the power of the nobility and other statesmen and the unification of the military. At the time of the La Fronde, a series of uprisings against royal policies and heavy taxation, Louis was just a young ruler. This did not have an effect on Louis reign, in fact, it made him sure he would

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