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One King, One Faith, One Law. Essay

  • Submitted by: livvyforever
  • on November 22, 2011
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King Louis XIV was a man of strength and courage with many ambitions that he was fully determined to achieve. During his reign, Louis was focused on glorifying both his name and his country in whatever way he could. His primary goals as king were “One King, One Law, One Faith.” This slogan was his inspiration for many of the decisions he made while ruling France.   However, his great ambitions and lavish lifestyle would ultimately lead France into debt, and set the building blocks for the French Revolution.
By “One king,” Louis XIV believed that the ruler should have supreme power over armies, government, bureaucracy, and culture. With this belief, Louis began to produce the beautifully large palace in Versailles.   In addition to being a great display of his power, the palace also helped Louis control his nobles greatly. He often invited the nobles and merchants to his palace, spoiling them with food and drink. In a way, he brought them closer to him so he could scrutinize every move they made and every word they spoke, to make sure there were no secret ploys against him. This tremendously contributed to this part of his motto. This piece of the dogma would eventually lead to the overall influence of the French upon other countries and their kings. By “One Law,” Louis XIV thought that he didn’t need Parliament to help him rule. According to the divine right of kings that he followed, it stated that monarchs are chosen by God to lead the people. His reign, he believed, was his and his alone.   Louis declared himself as his own Prime Minister saying L’Etat, c’est moi (“I am the state.”)   Louis XIV believed that it was imperative that he maintain absolute control over all French military forces. These two parts of Louis’ motto were incredibly similar
By Louis XIV statement of “One faith,” he strived to keep France all one faith. Ascending to the throne at the age of four, Louis watched as prime minister, Cardinal Mazarin, dealt with the Wars of the Fronde. Once...

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