One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest Analysis

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Danielle Smith Sexist or Reality? In his novel “One flew over the cuckoos nest”, ken Kesey explores how a woman’s need for control can be demonstrated by mental and physical exertion on to others. He shows this through the character of Nurse Ratched. Another work that explores this same concept is “Harry Potter and the Order of the phoenix” and its memorable character Delores Umbridge. The similarities between the two characters are very obvious. Both women crave control, and tend to fall apart without it. Both women use manipulation and threats to get what they want. And both women use physical and mental punishment to “teach a lesson”. First of all, both Nurse Ratched and Professor Umbridge have an undeniable need for control,…show more content…
Nurse Ratched manipulates the patients into thinking that the group therapy and such is what is best for them, however she uses techniques such as making the patients belittle each other to “make them better”. “It was better than she dreamed. They were all shouting out to out do one another going further and further no way of stopping, telling things that wouldn't ever let them look one another in the eyes again. The Nurse nodding at each confession and saying Yes, yes, yes”(p.51). By the nurse saying yes, and by her encouraging the patients to out do each other it is showing that she is gaining enjoyment from their pain even though she is telling them that it is for the betterment of them. Delores umbridge uses bribes to get what she wants. She manipulates her students by telling them they will get extra credit if they join the “inquisitorial squad”. When she suspects that there is something going on behind her back she gets her students to spy for her as she cannot do it herself. She has made them think that this is for them as they will get extra credit for joining, however it is just so she can gain control. The nurse and professor umbridge both use manipulation to obtain their
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