One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. Part Ii Summary

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Part II Summary * After Nurse Ratched’s outburst in the end of part I, everyone stares at her, letting her know what it is like to be scrutinized. * Chief Bromden is afraid that everyone in the ward will know that he isn’t actually deaf or dumb when he raises his hand for the vote because he always cleans the staff room during meetings, and if any of the doctor’s or nurse’s knew that he had heard everything they’ve talked about over the years he fears his life would be threatened. * At the next staff meeting Nurse Ratched uses silence to try and assert her power but the staff misread her actions and see them as approval. During the meeting it is confirmed that McMurphy is a violent man and is ill like the rest of the patients. Since McMurphy is committed Nurse Ratched sees that she can control how long he stays in the hospital. * After the ward is taken to the hospital’s pool McMurphy realizes that he cannot get out of the hospital after his sentence is over. Understanding the new information, McMurphy starts acting more conservatively towards Nurse Ratched. * In the next group meeting Cheswick complains about the rationing of cigarettes. McMurphy doesn’t support Cheswick leading Cheswick to be sent to Disturbed. After Cheswick is let out he is sent to the pool. There he and McMurphy has a chat and admits that he understands why McMurphy no longer rebels against the Big Nurse. During their time at the pool Cheswick’s fingers get stuck in the pool drain and drowns, this could potentially be a suicide. * Harding’s wife comes to visit and complains about his friends worrying about him. After she leaves Harding asks McMurphy his opinion of her, making McMurphy erupt in anger. That day the patients are taken to get X-rays to check for TB, where McMurphy learns that Nurse Ratched, at any time can consequence them into making them get
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