One Day Of Life

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In the book One Day of Life by Manlio Argueta, there is a lot of reference to nature. The people in El Salvador in One Day of Life base most of their lives off of nature. It is relentless and takes part in everything they do. Where they live, how they get up in the morning and got o bed in the evening. Nature is part of their hope for freedom. Lupe, the main character in the story, absolutely adores nature. When she first gets up in the morning she peeks through a little hole in the wood and finds the star to tell her it’s four in the morning. This is how she is able to tell time. She says multiple things that relate nature to everyday life. The clouds, the water, the ashes. While Lupe remains at home, nature is always existent. Her home is made from the tinhuilote tree, where birds and other animals rest. Lupe has a dog. She treats her dog like one of her own children. The pet keeps her company on those nights when Jose cannot come home. Her whole life inside of the home has something to do with nature. The birds of the sky are free to roam as they please. Some cannot even fly, so they choose to give Salvadorians their wake up call. The Clarinero is the “bird of the dead” because “…it spends so much time near cemeteries.”(Argueta 4). The role of nature plays a big part in the workers’ lives as well. Then it is hot, they wear lighter clothing and when it is cold they wear heavier clothing. The churches of the world even use nature. The Holy Water, for example, is a pure substance that is originally blessed from simple water. As is the oils and chrisms, plain old things from trees. Lupe, being an intellectual woman, uses ashes from her fire every night to see if Jose has come home or not. She memorized his footprint and knows if there was anyone else snooping around her house. Even for the dead, coffins are made from trees, and the dead are
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