One Day In Ancient Rome

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One day in ancient Rome Name: Wenjia Qu Class: CH201 Professor: Date: 3/26/2012 After I wake up, I found myself in a very interesting outfit; it was a kind of a long, white shirt, composed of two cotton pieces; without sleeves. I think that is a tunic, from ancient Rome. I think I’m in ancient Rome this time. Till III century AD wearing a tunic with long sleeves was perceived as a symbol of effeminacy. A tunic that was too long and reached ankles was also unsuitable for men. Also, Roman tunics varied in details depending on wealthy that were held by their owners. Tunics were worn only in house, if I wanted to go out, I had to put a toga on. Toga was a piece of cotton material that was about 3 meters wide and approximately 6-7 meters long. It was very difficult to compose toga appropriately, so there were ‘special’ slaves who had to deal with it. After get myself an appropriate dressing, I think I should probably start my day with a little breakfast. Meanwhile a man in a very nice tunic walk to me and told me that he is the owner of this house, they serve cheese, fruit, bread, milk or wine for breakfast in the dinning room. I think the owner mast be very rich, because how well you eat in Rome is depending on whether you are upper class (patrician) or lower class (plebian). A tour of the rich house after nice litter breakfast is necessary; therefor the owner leads me to entertainment tour in his beautiful house. Rich Romans spent their spare time on feasts. This activity was treated almost like a sort of sport. Public lectures and literary sets were very popular. Sports and circus games also provided great amusement to thousands of Roman. A lot of time was spent in terms (means bathing), which were in fact a cultural center of a city. Roman entertainment is totally different than the entertainment we see today. Modern society has things like debit card and
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