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Jaromir Kurty Saturday, September 21st Excursion 1 On September 15th, I visited “the DuSable” Museum of African American History. In this paper I am going to talk about my observations, thoughts, feelings, and my overall reaction during my visit to the Museum of African American History. Primarily, there were a high amount of observations, thoughts, and feelings during my visit from the moment I took the exit off the Highway. In all honesty I was very scared but I was happy that I went earlier in the morning as opposed to going at night where things would get sketchier. Driving down the streets to the destination I was feeling very scared seeing the demolished buildings as well as African American personals with baggy/ripped clothes and a high amount of poor people coming up to my car asking me for change as I wait at the red stop light. Couple more minutes of driving I arrived to destination at the Museum. I have to say that there were no white people like me at all which made me feel separated and feel very alone. At this point I knew what African American people feel like when they are in between all of us Caucasians. Moving on, I parked my car where the parking lot looked very nice as this made me feel more comfortable. The building itself also looked very nice and got me all excited to go inside and see everything that there is to see. First, I took a picture outside the museum and made my way inside of the museum. First thing first, I had to use the bathroom and while I was in there the bathroom look very poor and not fixed. The soap inside the soap dispenser looked almost moldy and so I just rinsed my hands with water. After that I went back to the front desk where I asked how much it costs per person but the day I went (Sunday) it was a free visit. However, you were able to donate as much money as you wanted to the Museum. Shortly after the

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