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Title: One Day Author: David Nicholls Text Category: Fiction – Drama/romance "You can live your whole life not realizing that what you're looking for is right in front of you." I tend to find that,I prefer to see a movie before reading the book. I think that this could possibly be because, often, the movie is such a poor, secondhand version of the story the author intended to be told. This is very true when it come to One Day by David Nicholls. Although the story is exactly the same, I found the book to be ten thousand times better than the movie. One Day follows the lives of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew over the course of twenty years. The book follows their lives on the same day each year, July 15th, in sequence. I really enjoyed the format of this novel because it allowed you to see how Emma and Dex evolve throughout out the duration of essentially their lives rather than focusing in on a shorter length of time. It gave you a broader perspective on the events of the novel to the point where, although it sounds cliché, you really do feel like you know Emma and Dex personally. As I said before, the format of the book really allows you to uncover the very depths of Emma and Dex’s personalities. Every year you revisit Emma and Dexter at a different stage in their lives. And every year you discover something new about them. It also creates a huge contrast between the two of them as you see the completely separate paths their lives take – Emma finding herself a single, unfulfilled young adult still working at a Mexican restaurant at the age of twenty-five before finally getting herself together and becoming a teacher and Dexter managing to succeed in the media business but as his career reaches a peak it slowly declines and he finds himself dissatisfied with both his family and work life. As both of their lives begin to intertwine further towards the conclusion of

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