One Dark Night Essay

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One dark night, I was left alone at home. My parents had left for some business overseas. Like always, it was going to be a boring night. Since I was too bored, I decided to go to sleep. I closed my eyes as I hopped into my cozy single bed in order to drift off to Dreamland. I tossed and turned my body to get into a more comfortable position to sleep. I wondered why I couldn’t sleep. Was it because I missed my parents already? No. It couldn’t be. I was used to staying home alone. I ignored my curiosity and closed my eyes for the second time. I was about to fall asleep when suddenly, I sensed light through my closed eyes. “Is it morning already?” I mumbled to myself. My jaw dropped as I opened my eyes facing the window right beside my bed. The sky was still dark as it was still midnight. 2 a.m to be exact. My sleepy eyes spotted six unfamiliar figures standing infront of a huge smokey hexagonal spaceships. I widened my eyes to see them more clearly. I dragged myself downstairs as I saw them approaching my house. I took a baseball bat as a weapon to hit them. I heard footsteps coming closer as I leaned my right ear to the door. “What do you guys want?” I yelled at them curiously. I could hear some weird noises made by them and then, they started to speak, “Don’t worry. We won’t harm you.” “Huh, can I trust your words?” I asked them. They made the weird sounds again before they spoke, “Sure.” There was silence in the air. “Okay. What can I do for you?” I stuttered. I opened the door to see their beautiful faces. Their faces were kind of handsome though. I swept my thoughts away. The aliens started to explain why they needed my help. They said, their planet called EXO has a population of only twelve guys. Six of them were kidnapped by the citizens of Pluto. The Plutonians kidnapped them in order to take over the planet EXO. Their intention was to

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