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One Child Policy Essay

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  • on December 3, 2013
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Samy Mohamed El-Serafi   -2013- Britsh Univercity in Egypt
One Child Policy in China

More than Thirty four years and still one child policy in China applies. In 1979 the Chinese government imposed a law forced families to have only one child. Exceptions includes if the first child is a girl, twins and the first child is a handicapped. In fact, arguably that the one child policy applies only to the poor population because the rich Chinese can have more than one child and they pay for that while the poor exposed to hard procedures may reach to forced abortion. There are many conflicting opinions whether the one child policy will minimize the national economical load, reduce the population pressure and prevent environmental problems as the Chinese government claim or the negative effects attributable to China due to forced abortion and the decline of the entrepreneurship rate in China. Although the one child policy restrictions, there are many citizens wished to give birth to more than one child.

Some people assert that the one child policy succeeded in reducing population pressure which helps on the toughness of the national economy and enables the individual to work.” Even though the China’s unique position around the world in different majors about 20.000 abortions per year happens all over China” (Damien Mcelroy, Hong Kong, 2001). Moreover, According to Gao Xiaoduan a former family planning official who said for American congressional committee “Many women have died when they tried to escape from officials who wants to sterilise her”. In fact, the on child policy provides the welfare to the elite people on account of the poor until things balance out. The country does not need to overload of the increasing number of poor while an educated, strong, and rich child will not represent a burden on the country as the government looks to.

Another people are overly optimistic confuse the issues between how to rise the national economy of China and how to keep it...

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