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the one Essay

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  • on March 18, 2008
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Steeling What a Set Back

                People may think that it is easy to stay in school, keep a job, or have my own apartment. There are so many obstacles that got in my way. People always talk about how easy school is they never talk about how hard it can be get there. By making one slip up I have set my life back just a little more than I ever thought it would. In being thrown in jail for something as little as a dollar has set my life back more than I thought. I know that I must do the right thing all the time to stay out of trouble. Though I know staying on the right path and following the law can be hard, I know I can make it happen.   In having first look of how one can easily stray off the straight and narrow has made me the man I am today.  
            In my younger days as I grew up I never thought about doing anything out of its natural order. When I grow up with my six other siblings I would think that something was bound to happen. Having brothers there to look out for me, to help me when needed is a great feeling. But what would I do when there is no one to look out for me and I’m all alone. At sixteen I understand that I must learn how to do things on my own.   I have come to the realization that no one can account for me but me.  
            As I look back I could not see the things that were going to make my life hard as it has been so far. When it started I did not think of it as be as bad as people make it out to be. Everyone know that’s steeling is bad and I should not have done it, but people steel all the time. No matter how big an item is steeling is agents the law. I thought I could get away with steeling but someone else had other plans. I even knew that it was wrong, but still wanted to try. It seemed that it had already been destined for me to get caught, because that’s exactly what happened.
            While working my very first job I saw people steeling all around me. I’m thinking if they can take a dollar I can do the...

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