Once There Were Two Brothers Named Grimm

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Once There Were Two Brothers Named Grimm by Jack Zipes 1. What (psychological, educational, political) aspects in the Grimms' biography may be of interest to the student of the German Fairy Tale? Grimm bothers experienced several significant psychological issues during their life time. Their father dies, followed by their older brother, Philipp Grimm, who was financially supporting them. This sudden change brings financial instability to the Grimm family but as a result the brothers become closer to each other. Due to these deaths, the brothers were also forced to hold number of jobs such as librarians and teaching positions that brought them closer to the German literature. In terms of education both Grimm brothers gets the opportunity to go to some prestigious educational institutions where they were compelled to prove their superior scholarly abilities to condescending members of the aristocracy. Later on when they were studying law, they come to understand that a country’s law is based on its customs, traditions, and language of the people. From this realization they gain a desire to understand German traditions and history which includes folk lore. However, political aspects of Grimm’s lives by far are most significant. Zipes mention that Grimm brothers lived a through a politically turmoil era where Germany was controlled by France, and later on by German princes. Grimm brothers resented the “narrow-minded” control of the German princes and sought ways to unite Germany. It is in this attempt that they collected German folklore because they believed that language is the most unifying aspect of a nation. 2. How did the brothers collect the tales? What elements were important to Jacob and Wilhelm when editing or rewriting them? Although it was commonly believed that Grimms went around collecting stories from peasants, Zipes claims that this is
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