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Sylvia Holik Wiggins ENGL 1101 31 January 2012 One More to the Lake I agree with E.B White in his essay “Once More To The Lake” that “everything was as it always had been”. Starting with the lake itself, the water and its waves, the green grass and boat, the farms and their farmhouses, and the way it all look have not changed to White. Second would be the things his son would love to do once he is at the lake, for example, going fishing, boating, swimming, and just getting up early to enjoy being at this getaway spot. And third, the feeling of being a kid again every time White returns, which is also the reason he would come back year after year. All of this is why everything to White has not changed and will never change.…show more content…
And the best part to him would probably be the fact that every time he returns, there is something else that will trigger a memory he had never thought of. He loves the fact that once he goes to that one place as a child, all of a sudden he remembers exactly what he used to do there and who he were with. And maybe even the littlest detail could come across his mind and really the smallest details is what makes up the most wonderful memories. White explains that “it is strange how much you can remember about places like that once you allow your mind to return into the grooves that lead back.” Without details, what else could trigger those memories? Second, White mentions many of the things he would do at the lake as a child and so these are the things his son also loves to do. Everything he sees his son do makes it seem as if the son was he. A lot of the times White gets confused because he is not sure which shoes he’s in. For example, they go fishing and White says, “I felt dizzy and didn’t know which rod I was at the end of.” This reminds him of what he used to do at the lake

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