Once More To The Lake By E. B White Analysis

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Written Analysis The essay “Once more to the Lake”, written by E.B. White, is a story about a trip that White goes on with his son. The trip takes place at a lake in Maine that White and his family went to when he was young. The main theme of the story is White’s feelings of being back at the lake. He believes that it is still the same as it was when he and his father were there. He also feels like he is his father, bringing his son to the lake. He begins his story by telling us the first time he and his family go to the lake in Maine. He describes to us incidents that happened and how the trip became a family tradition. Then, as he grows up, he starts to move away from going to the lake. He talks about becoming a salt-water man. He uses…show more content…
Then he states that the only thing wrong is the sound. He goes into describing how the outboard motors of the boats have a louder sound than the inboard motors of the past. He describes the inboard motors of having a soothing sedative sound. He talks about them having a purring sound that helped put you to sleep. They return to their cabin, and they start to think over the day. He uses sensory language to describe how the day felt and how the air smelt as it flowed through the open window. He then talks about how he and his son go to the store the next day. He says the store hasn’t changed, with its messy, misarranged shelves, just like they were when he was young. He then talks about how everywhere he went with his son; he had trouble telling who he was. He couldn’t tell if he was himself, with his son at his side, or if he was young again, with his father at his side. A thunderstorm sweeps over the lake and he uses figurative language to describe the sound of the thunder. He compares it to the sound of drums being beaten. Then the storm calms and he talks about all of the kids being happy, wanting to swim and dance in the rain. He talks about how his son’s reaction when he put on his ice cold pants to go swimming, reminded him of the chill of death he had experienced the same way when he was

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