Once More to The Lake

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The Evolution Of Life “Once More To The Lake,” by E.B. White, is an essay speaking on the natural rhythm of life. A father and son take a vacation to a lake in Maine; on this trip the father truly realizes the evolution of life happening with-in his family. While the father and son fish on the lake the father begins to remember the times he spent fishing with his father, he begins to see him in his son, he sees his son morphing into him. He then also realizes that if his son is becoming him and he is becoming his father and everyone is evolving into his or her older role model. My daughter will become me, I have become my mother, my mother became her mother and the list goes on; the evolution of life, one starts off sheltered, learns life’s lessons through those who shelter them and then branch out and experiences life on one’s own, with the traits and beliefs of those who sheltered them. At one point in the essay the father states “I am now a salt water man.” What the father is saying with this line of being salt-water man is that he is a grown adult who no longer is sheltered, the evolution of life. When you are young and still being taken care of by those who shelter you go to a lake, it is calm, controlled and predicable at the lake. When you are experiencing life on your own with no given shelter you go to the ocean (salt water) where things are uncontrollable and wild, just as life can be. This is just one of the many step through life; you start off in calm protected waters and then over time you mature and branch out to wild, unpredictable waters where you are on your own. In the closing line of the essay the father states “ I felt the chill of death upon me,” his reasoning for feeling this “chill,” was he knew that life evolves in steps and that the next step, since his son and now became him was that it was his time to pass on. He knew that
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