Once By The Pacific Essay

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“Once by the Pacific” Today there are many things people write about and convey to us in story. It perhaps depends on the reader whether they can relate to the literature before they decide if the writing means anything for them or not. When I came across the poem “Once by the Pacific” by Robert Frost I felt a spark of interest in what he was trying to reveal to his audience. He uses mental imagery to paint a portrait in your mind and relay how the persona in the poem felt and thought of what he was seeing. To understand this poem one may need to break it down and express who the speaker in the poem is, what it means and how it is being portrayed by the author by his figure of speech. “The shattered water made a misty din” (1). This first line to me means that the person speaking about the ocean has to be actually there seeing this mist and the breaking of the water. Although throughout the poem I do not get a specific feeling about whether or not the persona of this poem is male or female I do believe they were moved by the intensity of the waves exploding over the cliffs. “Someone had better be prepared for rage/ There would be more than ocean-water broken/ Before God's last 'Put out the Light' was spoken”(12-14). The speaker in the poem stands by the Pacific shore watching the waves pounding and thinks apprehensively of the destruction of all things. Apparently the narrator of this poem believes in some kind of divine authority, a god of some kind. The persona of the poem uses water as being a more powerful and controlling presence than we realize in our protected world, also the person knows who it is that has made and controls the water. The orator is fully aware that when Judgment Day comes it will not be by way of water this time like it was in the Old Testament. This is why he uses the last two lines to say, “ You better get ready because the flood
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