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Once as a Blank Slate... Horace Mann, a nineteenth century education reformer, once said, “A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated”(Mann, Horace). Education gives delight to anyone who obtains it, and holds a value that far surpasses wealth. But this makes us wonder, how is a human being to know when he or she are truly educated? Many people have an opinion about what a well-educated person is. Many may say that a well-educated person is someone who knows many things and can be put to the test at any moment and pass. This is one who is generally book-smart; one who went to school and obtained a high level degree to help in one’s profession. However, others may say, a well-educated person is someone who is successful in a particular line of work. But true well-educated people have learned through experience; they have obtained their expertise in their daily lives and excel greatly in this vicious cycle, known as life. A well-educated human being is one who knows who he is, what he wants, goes out and achieves it, and then continues to learn more while still understanding he will never be able to fully understand everything. In determining what is meant by being educated and what is meant by an educated person, we must first know clearly what education is. Education is the pursuit of knowledge, and it is a life-long process. Let us consider this case: however great a person is and how fast one can read, one cannot read all the books published in the world and know everything in detail. There are new discoveries and new inventions made every day; it is impossible to know them all. This is what an encyclopedia does, not a human-being. Although we cannot know every little thing of this world, we can strive for knowledge, and this is what makes an educated person. In the beginning of our life, we are children: small, innocent, and dependent.

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