Once Abord the Lugger Essay

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Love is always mutual, and it appears when two people are attracted by each other. In “Once Abroad the Lugger”, the leading character Nance makes a decision to pursue a minister’s love. This brave girl kidnaps Samuel, the minister, and asks him to marry her. As a daughter of a fish man, she is trying to break the social convention since she knows what she wants. This intelligent and courageous girl is fighting for her love, and she makes it finally. The chance of success is only for who is prepared. Knowing that compete with the other Tory girls directly is risky, she comes to the minister individually. Nance takes the only one chance to express her deep love the Samuel. “To-morrow they’ll be all after’ee, an’s this be my only chance” (7), Nance explains. How could the minister find Nance’s beauty if she was afraid and did not take him to the boat. Her intelligence is presented all the way through the story. “I’ll let you off, if you want to be off” (10). It seems like Nance is giving off, but she is actually more close to success by saying so. Everything is under her control because of her smartness. Besides her brightness, her braveness also contributes to her success. Even though kidnapping the minister and confessing her love to him might seem rude and risky, her courage is commendable. In our daily life, many people do not have the braveness to attempt challenges so that lose the opportunity of success. Born in an impoverished, Ruan, Nance is actually not allowed to choose her own marriage. Social class would be one of the most important factors in marriage. However, Nance is not discouraged by the different social class, and she is trying her best to get rid of this regulation, “She was perfectly conscious of the longing in her heart, but prepared to put a stop to it… She bit her lip for a moment, turned, and walked slowly off towards the ferry, full of

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