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On Uses of Liberal Eduction Mark Edmundson Essay

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  • on October 13, 2013
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Dean Bell
Kathy Rowley
English 201-12
Rhetorical Analysis:
Consumerism is Consuming Education
Mark Edmundson’s article, “On the Use of a Liberal Education”, was originally published in Harpers in 1997. In this article, Edmundson States, “My overall point is this: It’s not that a left-wing professorial coup has taken over the university. It’s that at American Universities, left-liberal politics have collided with the ethos of consumerism. The consumer ethos is winning” (par. 50). This article is about how young minds have been molded into a consumer way of thinking and how that way of thinking is polluting the institutions of higher education. A reader might see this article as an eye opener that is full of reliable information from an intelligent and credible source.  
Mark Edmundson is a professor at the University of Virginia and has published countless works of literature to include articles on literary and cultural criticism, as well as books on the topic of modern education. One of his acclaimed books is titled Teacher: The One Who Made the Difference. This book is about how an eccentric high school philosophy teacher inspired Edmundson to become a professor. The author establishes his ethos by letting the reader know that he is a professor and that he has seen first hand the changes in the student body and the university over the length of his career. One might think that Edumundson is knowledgeable because he is a professor at a major university and hold a Ph.D. from Yale. One might also think that his position and education would warrant him a certain authority. The author uses examples of himself, his students, and the University of Virginia in this article to support his outlook on the ever growing problem between the cool consumer mind set and the deterioration of our higher education facilities.
The author is attacking the “cool consumer” worldview that is corrupting youth and influencing them to have a mindset that is devoted to...

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